Renamed the Richard Whitcomb Athletic Hall of Fame in 2021 to 荣誉 Headmaster Emeritus 迪克•惠特科姆, the Hall of Fame was established in 2011 to 荣誉 the athletes, 团队, 教练, and supporters who went above and beyond in bringing recognition, 荣誉, 并通过他们在体育领域的杰出成就来表彰学校.

Richard Whitcomb Athletic Hall of Fame

The Richard Whitcomb Athletic Hall of Fame speaks to the importance of competitive athletics at St. 卢克的. Our athletic history includes many national-caliber athletes and 团队 that won regional titles and state championships or placed in national competition. We also 荣誉 教练 and athletic supporters who helped to shape the future athletic pursuits of so many who have played on the Hilltop. But the real stories are of our scholar-athletes training, 竞争, and pursuing excellence in the larger context of their St. 卢克的 School education—stories of accomplishment and character, of virtues such as perseverance, 勇气, 忠诚, 团队合作, 和慷慨. Together, these stories weave an exciting and enlightening picture of one part of history here at St. 卢克的.

2023理查德·M. Whitcomb Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony


  • 安东尼·博南齐奥81届
  • 卡米尔DeMarco-天堂, Coach, HoF '12
  • 布林利·埃勒斯,教练
  • 彼得·汉森,57届,14届毕业生
  • 埃德·拉贝拉,76年
  • 亨利·帕马利94年毕业,12年毕业
  • 凯文·鲍尔斯02
  • 约翰·劳斯,2003年




  • Leigh Harter '50 - Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball

  • Amy Towne '06 - Soccer, Basketball, Softball

  • 2012年大学橄榄球队

  • Thomas Riordan '50 - Football, Hockey, Baseball

  • Troy Haynie '85 - Football, Hockey, Baseball

  • Rachel Brittenham '09 - Soccer, Basketball, Softball

  • Chris Hanson '09 -壁球

  • 托马斯·米. Thomas '47 - Football, Basketball, Baseball

  • Mark Siciliano '79 - Basketball, Baseball

  • Maxwell Brittenham '06 - Basketball, Baseball

  • Alyssa 天堂 '07 - Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball

  • Ed Burke '80 - Soccer, Baseball, Football, Basketball

  • 哈利W. Earle '42 - Football, 篮球, baseball

  • Jon Murphy '53 - Baseball, football, 篮球

  • Amy Olsen Radev '95 - Volleyball, tennis, softball

  • 1972年大学橄榄球队




  • 艾伦·齐克林64年

    艾伦·齐克林64年 was a three sport standout while at St. 卢克的. A multi-faceted football player, 在SLS足球队的3年里,艾伦踢过每一个“技能型”位置. 他的能力, and more importantly willingness, 他获得了1963年的最有价值球员奖. 在篮球场上,艾伦担任队长,大四时场均得分超过26分. 这些成就固然令人印象深刻,但艾伦真正的闪光点是在棒球场上. A pitcher and shortstop for St. 在卢克的学校里,艾伦担任队长,并在大四的时候被评为最有价值球员 .每季600英镑. 综合所有这些运动成就,你有一个帕特托马斯奖得主, 以及高级体育奖得主,完全有资格进入体育名人堂.
  • Peter Hanson '57

    Peter Hanson '57 attended St. 卢克的 for eleven years, starting in second grade. 在最初的八年里,彼得的出勤记录是完美的, never missing a day of school. A key component to three consecutive winning 篮球 seasons, 彼得也为棒球场上的成功做出了贡献,作为圣. 卢克的投球棒. 毕业后, Peter attended Lafayette College where he played 篮球 for the Leopards his freshman and sophomore years. 除了他的运动成就,彼得一直是一个忠诚和参与校友圣. 卢克的, serving on the School’s 校董会 since 2010.
  • 大卫J. E. 天堂

    大卫J. E. 天堂 has been a member of the St. 自1981年以来一直是卢克的教员. His 34 year career in Hilltop classrooms has resulted in numerous accolades from his colleagues and peers such as the SLS Excellence in Teaching Award, the Connecticut Excellence in Environmental Science Teaching, and an Honorable Mention for the Westinghouse Award. A life long learner and educator, his pursuit of excellence and personal improvement on the athletic fields and gyms of SLS has helped to define his legacy. Just like in the classroom, Dave has worn many hats including; strength & conditioning director, coach for varsity & JV & middle school football, varsity girls 篮球 coach, varsity & JV lacrosse coach, and one season as varsity softball coach. Such a long coaching career naturally comes with a number of accomplishments along the way highlighted by 12 consecutive FAA tournament appearances with girls 篮球 and 3 undefeated 中学 football seasons.
  • 黛布拉·拉贝拉

    黛布拉·拉贝拉 first came to St. 卢克的 as a sixth grader in the fall of 1993. A four year varsity athlete in volleyball, 篮球和垒球, Debra earning 12 varsity letters before graduating. Adding to her 12 letters won, she served as captain for all three sports as a senior, was named All-FAA for two years in volleyball, 参加过一年的全美篮协篮球比赛, and All-FAA for two years in softball. This impressive run in the upper school, paired with great leadership qualities both on and off the court, culminated in her receipt of the Daniel Ireland Award and Outstanding Female Athlete her senior year. After graduating in June of 2000, Debra attended Syracuse University and graduated with degrees in Elementary Education and History. She carried her love for education, fostered by so many teachers at SLS, with her to Columbia University where she earned her Masters in Teaching.
  • Maj. 李·佩里·万斯,40岁

    40岁的李·佩里·万斯少校是一名杰出的运动员,也是班上公认的成员. 在毕业典礼上, Lee was a awarded the Senior Scholarship Award and the Loyalty Cup, 14年后,他才有幸接受了1954年的墨杜修斯雕像. After graduating from SLS in 1940, 李在二战期间加入了美国海军陆战队,在太平洋战区服役,直到战争结束. Lee mustered out of the Marines as a captain in 1946. 他结婚了, 是两个孩子的父亲, entered Johns Hopkins where he earned a BS Degree in Business, and played lacrosse for 4 years. With the outbreak of hostilities in Korea, Lee was recalled to active duty. Despite having already served for 5 years, 两个小孩, 还有一个妻子, Lee rejoined the Marines in 1951. 他被重新任命为少校,并被分配到朝鲜的一个炮兵连. On November 14, 1952, Major Lee Perry Vance was killed by enemy fire. 因为他在韩国的职责, Major Vance received Purple Heart, 战斗行动绶带, 韩国服役勋章, United Nations 服务 Medal, 国防奖章, Korean Presidential Unit Citation, and the Republic of Korea War 服务 Medal.
  • 2001年校橄榄球队

    The 2001年校橄榄球队 is the second football team in school history to finish with an undefeated record, and the first to win a regional title in the newly formed New England Prep School Athletic Conference.



  • 彼得·奥诺斯基,76年

    彼得·奥诺斯基,76年 was a 12 time varsity letter winner at St. 卢克的. The winner of the Junior Loyalty Cup and the Headmaster’s Award, 彼得每学期在他的学科中都获得优异的成绩. A 4 year All-FAA selection in baseball, 2 year All-FAA selection in 篮球, and 2 year All-FAA selection in football, 彼得还获得了斯蒂芬·米勒奖,被认为是圣. 卢克的 both his junior and senior years. 毕业后, 彼得就读于萨斯奎哈纳大学,获得了1封橄榄球校队通知书和4封棒球校队通知书.
  • Lauryn Nicasio Soden '01

    Lauryn Nicasio Soden '01, the oldest of four sisters to attend St. 卢克的儿子在三项运动中表现突出:曲棍球、篮球和长曲棍球. A 12 time varsity letter winner, Lauryn was captain of field hockey her junior year, captained all three 团队 during her senior year, 并获得了4个全faa奖和1个全wnepsa奖,以表彰她在该领域的成就. 在场外,她参加了合唱团,并入选了国家荣誉协会, leading to her awarding of the Senior Bowl and Athlete of the Year in 2001. 毕业后 from St. 卢克的, Lauryn attended Middlebury College and continued her field hockey career, 带领黑豹队在2003年和2004年两次进入NCAA曲棍球锦标赛决赛, and the 2003 NESCAC Tournament Championship.
  • 罗伯特年代. 所罗门的55

    55岁的罗伯特·所罗门在他的高中生涯中曾12次获得校队的荣誉, playing all three sports offered by the School at the time; football, 篮球, 和棒球. He excelled in all three sports but particularly in football as a bruising fullback and linebacker. A leader both on and off the field, Bob served as the President of Student Council, 也是《bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注》的编辑, 借用他的个性, 组织能力, 注重细节, and vocal abilities to producing a yearbook to be proud of. 毕业后 from St. 卢克的, Bob attended Amherst College and worked on Wall Street for over 40 years before returning to the Hilltop as a member of the earliest Boards of Trustees.
  • 2003 Girls Varsity Soccer Team

    While the School became a co-educational institution in the early 1970s, it took until the year 2000 for a girls soccer program to begin. The program won 2 games in its first year, 第二次, 第三个是12, 总共21场胜利. In 2003, the team matched that total on its way to winning the FAA tournament and New England Class C tournament. Five members of the team went on to play in college upon graduating from St. 卢克的, and one member of the team still holds the record as the only 100 goal scorer in the School’s history, 男性或女性. The record for the 2003 season was impressive, but the team was so much more than goals scored or wins attained. 他们是一个整体, 一个独立的实体,一起庆祝每一次胜利,一起哀悼每一次失败. It is only fitting that they be inducted into the St. 卢克的 School Athletic of Fame in the same way…together.



  • 卡米尔DeMarco-天堂

    Camille DeMarco's 31 year career at St. 卢克的 saw her serve the School in a variety of roles. Her efforts to promote and drive girls sports in the FAA led her to taking on the mantle of FAA Women’s Division Vice-President and Softball Chairperson. That is the kind of recognition only achieved through success, which Camille has found many times over, having brought 16 FAA and New England titles home to St. 卢克的.
  • 林赛·格雷罗,98年

    林赛·格雷罗98年在她的体育生涯中获得了14封校队信, 打篮球, 曲棍球和长曲棍球. 在圣. 卢克的, 林赛在特拉华大学读本科时在俱乐部打曲棍球, 并在格林威治曲棍球俱乐部和西哈特福德青年曲棍球联盟执教.
  • 理查德·金64年

    64岁的迪克·金从四年级到十二年级就读于这所学校. Upon reaching the 上学校, Dick became a cornerstone of the football, 曲棍球和棒球队, including serving as the hockey team captain, and receiving its team most valuable player award, 他的大四. His leadership on the ice was paralleled only by his leadership off it where he served as the class of 1964’s president for their last three years on the Hilltop, 《bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注》的编辑, and chairman of the Senior Prom. Despite all these accomplishments, Dick will still point to the defeats of Darien and New Canaan at Crystal Rink in Norwalk as two of the highlights of his time at St. 卢克的.
  • 加里·B. 一天81年

    Gary 一天81年 played four sports during his time at St. 卢克的. 在秋季校际赛季,他成功地踢了足球和橄榄球, 因为他在足球场上踢得很响,很快就受到了足球教练组的喜爱, and he continued 踢足球 after SLS for Rutgers University. While at Rutgers, Gary served as the team’s punter and kick-off specialist. 目前,他在罗格斯大学历史上踢球的三个类别中排名前十. In recognition of his accomplishments, Gary was presented the Douglas Smith Memorial Award, presented annually to the top non-scholarship athlete at the University, 并在大四之后获得了四年的追溯性体育奖学金.
  • 罗伯·默里,99年

    罗布·穆雷99年是一个三体育运动员作为大学橄榄球队的一员, 篮球 和棒球 团队 for all four of his high school years. The starting point guard for the 篮球 team, the starting quarterback for the football team, and the starting centerfielder for the baseball team, 罗布的出现给他的球队带来了领导能力和冷静的感觉. It was this leadership that helped make him one of the most individually recognized athletes in St. 路加福音的历史, amassing All-FAA 荣誉s 12 times over.
  • 亨利·帕马利三世94年

    亨利·帕马利三世94年 is a double-digit varsity letter winner, 参加大学橄榄球队, 篮球 和棒球 for all four years as an 上学校 student. His athletic prowess was obvious in all three sports, winning All-FAA 荣誉s in baseball for four years, and 篮球 and football for three years. A two year captain in all three sports, Henry received the 帕特·托马斯 Bowl as a senior, the Stephen Miller award as a junior and senior, and the Outstanding Male Athlete Award as a senior, solidifying his standing as one of the greatest athletes to play for St. 卢克的. 在圣. 卢克的, Henry went to the University of Connecticut where he was a four-year letterman on the football squad, and part of the first Husky team to reach the division 1 AA playoffs.
  • Kim Piersall, 86年

    Kim Piersall, 86年 is a second generation alumna of St. 卢克的. Kim excelled on the outdoor athletic fields, 在高中的四年里,她一直是曲棍球和垒球队的队长, 并被授予圣. 卢克的 Outstanding Female Athlete Award at the end of her senior year. At a time of developing female athletics at St. 卢克的 and within the Fairchester League, Kim helped to elevate the stature of the School and the seriousness with which it now takes its female athletics. 从St毕业后. 金带着卢克上了乌尔西纳学院,在那里她成为了曲棍球队的首发守门员. Kim won two NCAA Division Three lacrosse titles in 1989 and 1990, along with four USWLA All-American Team selections.
  • 帕特·拉斐尔,88年

    帕特·拉斐尔(Pat Raffaele)是88岁的学生,他在圣何塞大学就读的六年里,曾是足球、棒球和曲棍球的明星. 卢克的学生. He has additionally has been teaching Physical Education and coaching at St. 卢克的 for the past nineteen years. As a member of nine varsity 团队 at St. 卢克的, Pat led his Crusader teammates to two FAA baseball titles and was recognized with two All League selections in hockey for his prowess on the ice. His statistics and accomplishments as an athlete are dwarfed by the hundreds of lives he has helped influence as a teacher and coach at St. 卢克的. 自从加入圣公会. 卢克的教职员工, Pat has completed over 50 individual seasons coaching soccer, 篮球和垒球, receiving consistent praise and adulation for his kind, 富有同情心的, and dedicated coaching style.
  • 约翰年代. 白色的56

    约翰年代. 白色的56 was a three sport St. 卢克的运动员, 踢足球, 篮球 和棒球 for three years, captaining the football and 篮球 团队 during his senior campaigns, and earning the Outstanding Athlete Award 他的大四. John enrolled at Hamilton College upon graduation from St. 卢克的, where he played on the Hamilton Continentals football team, including the sole undefeated team in school history. While this feat in itself is an impressive post-St. 卢克的运动成就, 住在麦克莱恩的时候,约翰积极参与了各种青少年体育联盟, 弗吉尼亚和玛丽莲, 他结婚43年的妻子, 还有他的四个孩子. 约翰当过足球教练, 篮球, 棒球和足球, and has served on the Mclean Little League Board of Directors. The volunteer efforts John and Marilyn have undertaken on behalf of Mclean Little League led to their induction to the Mclean Little League Hall of Fame in 2003.
  • 道格·赖特,1963年

    道格·赖特,1963年, follows in the footsteps of Hall of Fame members such as John White, 帕特·托马斯, and Andy Whitcomb as outstanding multi-sport athletes and leaders. 道格擅长足球、篮球和棒球,在圣. 卢克的 varsity squads, captaining all three 团队 他的大四. His football 教练 and teammates, 表彰他在橄榄球场上的领导能力和四分卫的成就, selected him as the 1963 recipient of the 帕特·托马斯 Football Award.



  • 埃米尔N. Bucci

    埃米尔N. 布奇32年的生日. 卢克的职业生涯见证了他在学校运动史上的许多形成时刻的参与. His success on the athletic fields in the form of 22 titles was matched only by the variety of roles and lives he touched during his time on the Hilltop.
  • 沃尔特·丹尼尔·富勒1982年

    Walter Daniel Fuller ‘82 is commonly viewed as the single largest athlete ever to have graced the playing fields of St. 卢克的. Danny was the cornerstone of back-to-back Fairchester Athletic Association title winning football 团队 in the early 1980s, and the 1AA championship team at Tennessee State.
  • 马修Kaishian

    马修·凯世安(马修Kaishian)在2011年入选,他是圣公会中任期最长的人之一. 路加福音的历史. His 41-year career at SLS spanned five decades and allowed Matt to contribute to 32 title winning 团队.
  • 帕特里克·鲍尔斯

    Patrick Powers ‘00 became a 2011 inductee thanks to one of the more memorable hardcourt careers in St. 路加福音的历史. Recipient of a multitude of awards for his 篮球 ability, Pat is the all-time leading scorer in St. 路加福音的历史, and continued his success at Brown University where he added academic recognitions to his athletic ones.
  • Mike Siganos 1974年

    Michael Siganos ‘74 was one of a select few St. 卢克的 alumni who are able to claim professional athlete as a job title. 三项运动的佼佼者, Mike truly won aplomb for his abilities on the football field, which took him from hundreds of spectators in New Canaan to tens of thousands at the University of Kentucky.
  • Clifford C. 托马斯,小. '46

    Clifford C. 托马斯,小. ‘46 was a jack-of-all-trades while at St. 卢克,凭借他的运动能力成为2011年St .的入选者. 卢克的 Athletic Hall of Fame. A four-sport athlete while at St. 卢克的, Clifford was also an accomplished golfer and fighter pilot in the U.S. 海军.
  • 佩恩·帕特·托马斯57年

    Payne “Pat” Thomas ‘57 became a 2011 inductee in no small part due to his fearless athleticism and outstanding leadership both on and off the athletic fields. 三项运动的佼佼者, Pat’s first love was hockey, which he pursued at St. 在他大二的时候被一个酒驾司机打断了他的生命.
  • 安德里亚·安迪·惠特科姆83年

    83年的安德里亚·"安迪"·惠特科姆是圣. 卢克的. 三项运动的佼佼者, 安迪成功地把她对体育的热爱带到了她在圣. 卢克的, having returned to the Hilltop to teach science, 篮球教练, and start the varsity girls lacrosse program.
  • 迪克•惠特科姆

    A 2011 inductee, 迪克•惠特科姆 was 荣誉ed for his lasting legacy and impact in the history of St. 卢克的. 在他41年的教育生涯中,迪克担任过很多职位,包括:历史老师, 体育指导员, founder of the Fairchester Athletic Association, 招生主任, 教务长, college admissions counselor, 校长助理, 代理校长. He is best known for his 22 years of service to St. 卢克的 as headmaster from 1980 until his retirement in 2002.
  • 詹妮弗·伍德沃德,89年

    89年的詹妮弗·伍德沃德(Jennifer Woodward)追随了她之前许多女运动员的脚步, 并利用这些道路点燃了自己在圣. 卢克的. Her ability in the center circle on the softball field took her from St. 卢克去了普罗维登斯学院,在那里,她作为修士会的一名四年级新生取得了成功.
St. 卢克的 School is a secular (non-religious), private school in New Canaan, CT for grades 5 through 12 serving over 35 towns in Connecticut and New York. Our exceptional academics and diverse co-educational community foster students’ intellectual and ethical development and prepare them for top colleges. St. 卢克的bet356app在线登录建立了服务的承诺和领导的信心.